ATN BINOX-THD Thermal Digital Binoculars

operator using a binox hd smart thermal binocularDetect your target with the power of thermal. Range your target with confidence using the help of Smart Shooting Solutions.

Record everything thing with the press of a button in 1080p HD video and snap shots to a MicroSD card in the MicroSD slot, or export them via a built in micro USB port, and a micro HDMI port. Review the video and snap shots with your team at your AAR.

Your compass heading is shown at the top of the display, your roll is shown at the left side of the display, your pitch is shown at the right side of the display. Time and magnification is also displayed.

These are built using the latest bleeding-edge technologies known like the BINOX-THD Obsidian Core, an integral computer containing the fastest and most powerful processor around. These binoculars have lightning fast speed and lag-free performance.

This high speed processor allows these binoculars to achieve tasks and operations never before even considered for a pair of thermal binoculars, such as geo tagging, state of the art image stabilization, and a smooth E-zoom magnification feature, all at the touch of a button.