Smart Spotting Scopes

x spotter scopeThe ATN X-Spotter can can record video, take pictures, share photos, update via Wi-Fi and of course, gives the user both day and night vision.  Of course the operator can and should turn the Wi-Fi during tactical operations.

The ATN X-Spotter isn’t your average day or night vision spotter scope. It’s smart. At the heart of the ATN X-Spotter beats the all new Obsidian II core. This powerful processor allows the ATN X-Spotter to pack in intelligence and features previously not seen in affordable day and night vision spotter scopes.

TheATN X-Spotter can record video of your target for you while you shoot.

The ATN X-Spotter can range a target and instantly display scope reticle adjustments required to correct point of impact based on its instant ballistic calculations. That is because it also has the profile manager, allowing one to save ballistic settings in a profile for different weapon / ammo combinations that you will be spotting for. Want to switch rifles or shoot at a different distance and be instantly zeroed in? Simply open the saved profile for that rifle or distance and instantly be on target. Its ballistic calculator takes into account wind speed, range, incline and more while instantaneously making ballistic corrections for the profile that the user has selected.

The ATN X-Spotter can also record videos and photos onto a MicroSD card and when GPS is turned on those videos and photos can be geo tagged with a location and altitude.

Other unique features include the E-Barometer, Gyroscope and E-Compass. Activating the built-in gyroscope and image stabilization gives operators a smooth image that makes it easier than ever to spot targets.

The ATN X-Spotter is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (4.1) enabled so the operator can connect his or her phone or tablet and view everything the scope sees on a mobile device.

x spotter daylignt display
ATN X-Spotter display during daylight.

The AT X-Spotter has a full color display for day time. The user can select black and green or black and white for night time.

Your compass heading is shown at the top of the display, your roll is shown at the left side of the display and your pitch is shown at the right side of the display. Roll indicates vertical tilt to the left or right. Pitch indicates vertical tile to the front or back. Time and magnification is also displayed.

X-Sight at night and light levels.

  • The X-Spotter Scope does not have the same ability to amplify very low levels of light that a photocathode type of scope has. Therefore, in very low light, you would require an illuminator. The X-Spotter does not come with an illuminator. The X-Spotter does not have its own picatinny rail that you can mount an illuminator on. In low light, when the illuminator is turned on, The X-Spotter Scope's light capturing ability is comparable to a second generation photocathode type of scope using the same IR light.
  • X-Spotter resolution is lower than that of photocathode scopes. It is measured in pixels not lines per millimeter.
  • As with any night vision device, some light (moonlight, starlight, IR flash light, etc.) is required to operate. The level of equipment performance depends upon the level of light.
  • Starlight and moonlight are reduced by clouds.
  • Starlight and moonlight are also reduced by trees and buildings and anything else which creates shadows. X-Sight is less effective when viewing into shadows and other darkened areas.
  • X-Spotter is less effective when viewing through the rain, fog, sleet, snow or smoke. X-Spotter will not “see” through dense smoke.
  • With X-Spotter in night mode you see shades of green or shades of grey depending on the type of display.
  • As with any night vision device, you are always looking for contrasts and movement.