ATN's TICO Series of Thermal Weapon Front Sights.

Thermal Vision.

carbine with a day scope and tico scope mounted on itThermal vision is the detection and visual representation of heat as a video image that you can watch. The display may use shades of grey or color to represent varying heat ranges.

During the day time heat from the sun is absorbed by tree trunks, rocks, pavement and everything else including water. After dark, the sun no longer provides heat but things still hold their heat. Grasses and leaves cool down sooner than tree trunks, rocks and even some bodies of water, which may not cool down until later in the morning.

Water reflects thermal images just like it reflects daylight images.


These are thermal clip on front sights that mount on your weapon in front of your daylight optic. You will not remove your daylight optic when you use these sights. There fore your daylight optic will keep its zero. 

Each ATN TICO sight is built to handle the recoil that .308 rifles kick out. 

Pans and moving fast targets.
  • The ATN TICO-336A 60HZ has a very fast 60 hertz display. So for example, when you are panning a tree line, you are able to see the trees more clearly as they scroll across your field of view.
Thermal detail.
  • The ATN TICO-640B 30HZ has a 640 pixel by 512 pixel thermal sensor so it captures more thermal detail.
  • The ATN TICO-336A 60HZ has a 336 pixel by 256 pixel thermal sensor so it captures less thermal detail.
Note Well.

    These sights will not work with a day scope which has a front focal lens.

    The center of the tube is 1.75 inches above the rail. There fore you may need risers to raise the TICO sight or to raise your day scope so that the center of the day scope's tube and the center of the TICO's tube are within 3 mm of each other.