$ 4,134.00

SHIPPING INCLUDED. This item is drop shipped from ATN.

A signed export compliance and end use statement is required prior to shipping of this device because it is a 3P generation device.

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The ATN PVS7 is a military issue generation 3 Pinnacle, 64 - 72 lines per millimeter, 1 power goggle. It works at night as well as at dusk and dawn with the light filtering lens cap on.

ATN Night Vision units with the 3P designation use ITT Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier tubes. The industry leading ITT Pinnacle™ image tubes utilize a gated power supply providing truly outstanding performance in high-light or light-polluted areas, such as urban environments. The Pinnacle™ tube with gated power supply minimizes any “halo” effects. “Halo” is often associated with using night vision devices in an urban area where random street lights are often an issue with early Generation Night Vision devices. Night Vision units with Pinnacle™ tubes have a resolution of 64 to 72 lines per millimeter and a typical signal to noise ratio of 26. All Night Vision devices utilizing Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier tubes come with ITT data record sheet. Units with Pinnacle™ tubes are not available for export.


  • Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted
  • Waterproof
  • Use two AA type battery
  • 1x magnification
  • Standard Military Issue
  • Combat proven
  • One-knob operation
  • Built-in Infrared illuminator


Total Darkness IR System Yes
IIT Generation 3P
Resolution 64-72 lp/mm
Signal to Noise Ratio 25-30
Figure of Merit 1800 typical
MTTF - Mean Time Before Failure 10,000 hours
Magnification 1x
Lens system F1.1, 35 mm
Proshield Lens Coating Yes
FOV 40°
Range of focus 0.25 yd/m to infinity
Diopter adjustment -2 to +6
Controls Direct
Automatic Brightness Control Yes
Bright Light Cut-off Yes
Infrared Illuminator Built-in
IR Indicator Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Power supply 2 x 1,5V(AA type battery)
Environmental rating Waterproof
Battery life 50 hours
Operating Temperature -40°F to +122°F
-40°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -58°F to +158°F
-50 to +70 °C
Operation temperature -40 to +50°C
Dimensions 6,4'' X 3'' X 6 ''
162 X 76 X 152 mm
Weight 0.65 kg / 1.4 lbs
Warranty 2 years


Mounting the PVS7 onto your helmet.

If you want to mount a PVS7 on your MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) helmet then you will want the PVS7 MICH mount.

If you want to mount a PVS7 on your PASGT (Personal Armor System Ground Troop) helmet then you will want the PVS7  PASGT mount.