ATN ThOR 4 640 4-40x

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You will want to look at the THOR 4 manual.


ATN ThOR 4 640 4-40x
Sensor Gen 4 640x480, 60Hz
Magnification 4-40x
Field of view, degrees 8.3x6.2
Human Detection Range 3300 Meters
Human Recognition Range 1450 Meters
Human Identification Range 800 Meters
Core ATN Obsidian IV Dual Core T
Micro Display

1280x720 HD Display

White Hot, Black Hot and Selectable Color Hot.

Eye relief 90 mm with no parallax.
Video Record Resolution 1280x960 @
30/60 fps
Ballistic Calculator

Yes. You create profiles for your different weapon-cartridge uses. You can enter the distance 3 different ways

    1. manually using the remote or button pad,
    2. automatically using the Smart Range Finder feature,
    3. automatically with an ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser range finder. Sold separately.

The calculator adjusts the reticle based on the following profile data  and  environment data.

Rifle Type
Drag Function
Ballistic Coefficient
Bullet Weight
Initial Velocity
Zero Range
Sight Height
Shooting Angle
Relative Humidity
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Barometric Pressure
WiFi (Streaming, Gallery, & Controls) iOS & Android
Bluetooth Yes
3D Gyroscope Yes
3D Accelerometer Yes
E-Barometer Yes
Smart Range Finder Yes
RAV (Recoil Activated Video)


recoil activated video

Electronic Compass Yes
Smooth Zoom Yes
Reticles Multiple Patterns & Color Options

Microphone Yes
Micro SD card 4 to 64 Gb
Micro USB, type C Yes
Mount 3 30 mm Standard Rings (included)30 millimeter mounts.
Battery life (Li-ion) 16 + hrs
Waterproof rating / IP rating Weather resistant
Dimensions 14.8"x3"x3" / 375x76x76 mm
Weight 2.35 lb / 1.06 kg
Rubber Eye Cup rubber eye cup
Scope Cover scope cover
USB Cable usb cable
Lens Cloth lens cloth
Warranty 3 years